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Cultural Bodywork
A Hawaiian Experience.

The foundation of this art of healing is Hawaiian Bodywork in its traditional form. General body tension is relieved, muscle contractions and spasms are relaxed, circulation is improved. On a physical level, this healing art moves large volumes of blood and invigorates the lymphatic flow throughout the body, bringing oxygen and nutrients to every cell. Muscle flexibility and joint mobility are improved. The bodywork can be either for general relaxation or for deep tissue and body realignment. Bodywork enhances energy (meridian) flow lines to open up, realign and reconnect on emotional levels. Bodywork promotes mental clarity in times of stress. The practitioner uses a combination of hands, forearms and elbows and moves in a fluid motion around the entire body. This art of healing is performed with the greatest reverence and respect for the body. Spiritually it encourages harmony between body, mind and soul, thus giving a feeling of alignment.